PPE industries together against Corona

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Majke Jevrosime 43/27, 11000, Belgrade
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Milan Zrnić
Business Development Director
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+381 63 307 599
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  • Mechanical
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  • UVC air sterilization in the air conditioning and ventilation duct system

Medical solution connected to COVID-19 needs

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Core business of the company "Propokan pro" d.o.o. Belgrade, represents fire protection of the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts using intumescent coatings, in accordance with European standards and technical standards. In addition to this basic activity, this company is also engaged in activities related to the thermal protection of galvanized steel ducts and pipes, as well as the sterilization of air in air conditioning ducts based on UVC radiation. Propokan Pro d.o.o. as the legal successor of company Firestop konstrukcije d.o.o., is the winner of the prestigious award "Global award for perfection and ideal performance", as well as the award "Total Quality Customer Satisfactions". By winning the award, the company became a member of the International Association OMAC (Otherways Management Association Club), a certification body that is a member of the American Association for Quality Management. On that occasion, they received the TQCS 3000 (Total quality customer satisfaction) certificate, a counterpart to the ISO standard. HVAC UVC system is a new innovative solution to combat the consequences of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, but also to combat the consequences of all future dangerous viruses and bacteria. Our innovative solution is also effective as protection of air conditioning and ventilation systems from all other known viruses and bacteria. The HVAC UVC system is becoming a mandatory component of every HVAC system of existing or new facilities, due to the latest changes on the planet Earth and the newly created biological risks to human health and life.
Strengths and innovation of your compaby/products. If your offer have quality standards
New innovative product HVAC UVC duct, made by the company Propokan Pro d.o.o. in 2020 was recognized and supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, as part of the action "Be a hero too" to prevent the spread and control of infectious disease Covid-19. Propokan Pro doo has provided its innovative solution to the Republic of Serbia during the crisis caused by the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The patent application for the invention "HVAC UVC sterilization duct" is legally protected and registered under number 2020/0017.
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  • Interested in finding new collaborations (such as joint ventures, manufacturing agreements)
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We operate on the markets of Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia selling fire protection system of the ventilation and smoke extraction ducts.